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I was in a car accident during the summer of 2011. I was getting excruciating headaches and had neck and back pain. I started treating with Dr. Mike and had great results. Although I had been to chiropractors in the past regarding other issues, none had been able to adjust my neck and spine like Doctor Mike did. For example, my neck is usually very difficult to adjust, however, not for Dr. Mike. With chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Mike was able to alleviate the pain and my headaches, neck and back pain diminished. I was so relieved.

As soon as I started treating with Dr. Mike, I realized he was no ordinary chiropractor. Dr. Mike really cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to your concerns. He is professional, kind, compassionate and well versed on many issues; picking up on things that others would simply ignore.

During the course of my treatment, I had mentioned to Dr. Mike that I was very tired and not sleeping well. He discussed this with me and suspected I might have problems with my cortisol levels and adrenal glands. He also suggested the best type of test to take in order to evaluate this further. He was right on the money! Where others had ignored my issues and concerns, Dr. Mike listened to what I was saying, picked up on the problem, and correctly identified the cause.

I am grateful to have met Dr. Mike and for the care and treatment he has given me. He is very dedicated to his profession and to his patients and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the help he has given me and for the positive impact be has had on my life.

Very sincerely,

Christine S.

Wayne, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Mike,

Thank you for your extra help concerning my health and with my back pain. You are a Great Doctor! I always highly recommend your services to people I know. You have helped me tremendously with all the pain I was in.

Also thank you for your genuine concern being a good friend. I always enjoy coming to your office and talking with you. You truly are a Blessing and a wonderful person to so many people. I feel like a million bucks when I leave your office.

It’s hard to find doctors like you anymore!!! So just keep doing what you are doing because you do it very well! You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.

Thank you.

Flo. Wilgus

Two years without back pain is entirely a result of the DRX9000 machine and Dr. Mike. Before Dr. Mike, I would have to live on pain pills twice a year with the apprehensive solution of surgery. Because of Dr. Mike and the DRX9000 I have been incident and pain free.


I have been coming to Dr. Mike for some time now and not express the gratitude I feel for his care. Having worked in the retail industry for thirty-two years, my lower back began to limit even the simplest tasks.

Dr. Mike has had a positive attitude are a realistic solution to the multitude of problems I have been facing. Today, with his guidance and therapies, I am able to do any of the things I could not before.

As I continue to receive treatments on the DRX machine, I can function at a fuller and more mobile lifestyle once again. I am truly grateful to Dr. Mike. His patience and medical understanding is outstanding.

Daria Grosman

I have known Dr. Mike for several years. I started treatment with him for migraine and sinus headaches. I have never been a fan of' neck adjustments, but he has made me so comfortable with his technique.

He's the only doctor who has been able to relieve my headaches without medication. He is unlike any other Chiropractor I have seen, He takes the time to listen and address all of my concerns.

My husband and children also see Dr. Mike for various ailments. He has also been able to help my 89-year-old mom with her back problems. I trust him emphatically and have referred many patients to him who have been extremely satisfied.

Wayne, NJ